Freedom for Mexico’s Political Prisoners

Resistance Is Fertile

On August 21st 2014, events were held in Mexico, the USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic in solidarity with the Mexican prisoners who have been arrested for political motives since the 2012 inauguration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. The main event was held at the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM), where family members of the political prisoners spoke about why their loved ones had been targeted by the government.

President Peña Nieto came into power partly as a result of significant media support and the buying of votes, but also because of promises to “boost economic growth and tackle drug-related violence”. [1] In reality, his regime has sought to sell Mexican natural resources off to foreign capitalists and crack down on popular opposition to its neoliberal policies. More worryingly, however, the government has imprisoned a number of citizens who have stood up to…

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